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Greens Renovation Summer 2018 Begins

On May 24 the greens renovation on the South and East courses began.  JGCC Golf N Sports Turf Inc. owned by Dave Johnson out of Ormond Beach FL is the contractor chosen.  Dave has done work for our company in the past and we have always been impressed with the professionalism and expertise he brings to the table. 

In the coming weeks I will be updating you on the progress by posting pictures on the bulletin board outside the pro shop, on the wall in the pro shop and on this blog, as well as giving you brief explanations of the process.

The process began by spraying Round-Up on the greens in order to kill the turf.  After a few days and the turf is brown, the sod is cut to make the removal process easier.  The sod is then scraped up and piled for removal.   

Once the sod is removed, 6-8 inches of soil are removed as the green is cored out.  The new perimeter of the green is established and the edges begin to be defined.Some of the soil being removed is being re-purposed to reshape the green surrounds, modify or fill in bunkers and to improve other areas around the course.

We are very excited about all of the renovations and improvements happening at the club and will be providing you with updates along the way. 

South #2 Green
The South greens have been sprayed out in order to kill the sod.  Once the sod is dead a sod cutter is used to prepare it for removal.
Scraping sod and piling for removal
The sod is scraped off of the green and piled for removal
Defining the perimeter of the green
Defining the perimeter of the green
Coring out the Green
When you hear that we have "cored" out the greens, it is referring to removing the old soil material
Edge of green defined
You can see the edge of the green has been defined
South #1 Green
Some of the soil from the green was re-purposed by reducing the size of the bunker on South #1 and creating a softer, more accessible approach to the green.